8.1 Can you list the peak chart positions for all TFF singles and albums?

Probably not, but I can try! If you can help with this list, please let me know.

dnc = did not chart
ac = adult contemporary

Commercial Singles:
Suffer The Children (Original Release) UK dnc
Pale Shelter (Original Release) UK 193
Mad World UK 3 US dnc
Change UK 4 US 73
Pale Shelter (New Version) UK 5
The Way You Are UK 24
Mothers Talk UK 14 US 27
Shout UK 4 US 1 Germany 1 Switzerland 1 Australia 1
Everybody Wants To Rule The World UK 2 US 1 Germany 11 Switzerland 13
Head Over Heels UK 12 US 3
Suffer The Children (Re-Release) UK 52
Pale Shelter (Re-Release) UK 73
I Believe UK 23
Everybody Wants To Run The World UK 5
Sowing The Seeds Of Love UK 5 US 2 Germany 11 Switzerland 11
Woman In Chains (Original Release) UK 26 US 36
Advice For The Young At Heart UK 36 US 89
Famous Last Words UK 83
Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams UK 70
Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) UK 17 US dnc
Woman In Chains (Re-Release) UK 57
Break It Down Again UK 20 US 25
Cold UK 72
Goodnight Song US 125
Elemental US dnc
Raoul And The Kings Of Spain UK 31
God's Mistake UK 61 US 102
Secrets US dnc
Closest Thing To Heaven UK 40
Everybody Loves A Happy Ending / Call Me Mellow UK 102
Radio Singles (US Billboard Airplay):
Change mainstream rock 22
Everybody Wants To Rule The World ac 2 mainstream rock 2 club play 1
Shout mainstream rock 6 r&b 56 club play 1
Head Over Heels ac 5 mainstream rock 7
Sowing The Seeds Of Love ac 29 mainstream rock 4 modern rock 1
Woman In Chains (Original Release) modern rock 27
Advice For The Young At Heart ac 24
Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) modern rock 10
Break It Down Again ac 25 top-40 mainstream 10 modern rock 1
Call Me Mellow adult top-40 28
The Hurting UK 1 US 73 Switzerland 1
Songs From The Big Chair UK 2 US 1 Switzerland 5
The Seeds Of Love UK 1 US 8 Switzerland 8
Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92) UK 2 US 53 Switzerland 14
Elemental UK 5 US 45 Switzerland 24
Raoul And The Kings Of Spain UK 41 US 79 Switzerland 42
Saturnine Martial & Lunatic UK dnc US dnc
Everybody Loves A Happy Ending UK 45 US 46
Graduate Releases:
Elvis Should Play Ska (Single) UK 106
Acting My Age (Album) UK dnc

To my knowledge, none of Curt or Roland's solo releases charted.

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