4.1 Who are Graduate? 4.11 Who is the woman vocalist featured on The Seeds Of Love?
4.2 Who are Neon? 4.12 Is the Phil Collins credited on 'Woman In Chains' who I think?
4.3 Who is Caroline Orzabal? 4.13 Who is Nicky Holland?
4.4 Who is Ian Stanley? 4.14 Who is Neil Taylor?
4.5 Who is Manny Elias? 4.15 Who is Alan Griffiths?
4.6 Who is Chris Hughes? 4.16 Was the John Baker credited on Elemental also in Graduate?
4.7 Who is Andy Davis? 4.17 Who is Gail Ann Dorsey?
4.8 Who is William Gregory? 4.18 Who is Nick D'Virgilio?
4.9 Who is Leonard Apple? 4.19 Who is Emiliana Torrini?
4.10 Who or what is Mancrab? 4.20 Who is Charlton Pettus?

4.1 Who are Graduate?

See the Graduate FAQ (section 5) for more details.
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4.2 Who are Neon?

Neon was the band fronted by Pete Byrne (later of Naked Eyes) that both Roland and Curt were touring members of at one point in 1981. This was immediately after the breakup of Graduate and before the formation of Tears For Fears. Neon recorded two songs with Roland and Curt, though nothing featuring them has ever been officially released. The split of this act led to the formations of Naked Eyes and Tears For Fears.
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4.3 Is the Caroline Orzabal credited on The Hurting related to Roland?

Yes, that is Roland's wife. Caroline sang the "la la la" child's vocal section on 'Suffer The Children.'
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4.4 Who is Ian Stanley?

Ian Stanley was a keyboardist/writer/producer for TFF from 1982-1988. The first two albums credited him as a member of the band. Ian was perhaps the person most influential in exposing Roland and Curt to keyboards and synthesizers, even loaning out use of his eight-track studio to help get them started. Ian took part in both the Hurting and Big Chair tours, and was featured in five of TFF's promotional videos as well as Mancrab's 'Fish For Life' video. Since parting ways with the TFF camp, Ian has gone on to produce such acts as Human League, Howard Jones, The Pretenders, and Tori Amos.
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4.5 Who is Manny Elias?

Manny Elias was a former member of the rock band "Interview" who drummed on The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair and participated in their subsequent tours. He was credited as a member of TFF on those two albums. Manny is featured in six of TFF's promotional videos and has writing credits on 'The Way You Are' and 'The Working Hour'. After parting ways with TFF, Elias has provided percussion on albums from such artists as Peter Gabriel, Peter Hammill, and Julian Lennon.
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4.6 Who is Chris Hughes?

Chris Hughes, a longtime acquaintance of both Roland and Curt, produced the first two Tears For Fears albums and co-wrote a handful of songs with Roland. He began production on The Seeds Of Love as well, but was dismissed after what the Seeds liner notes describe as a "huge row" between him and Roland. Hughes does get a drum credit on the track 'Sowing The Seeds Of Love' and a thank you in the liner notes of the album (along with Ian Stanley) for helping "show TFF the way". Hughes has produced many artists aside from TFF, including Adam & The Ants, Robert Plant, Ric Ocasek, and Paul McCartney. In 1999, Hughes handled the remastering of the first three TFF albums for re-release on the Universal label. He released a solo album Shift in 1994. Click here to visit Chris' official website.
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4.7 Who is Andy Davis?

Andy Davis was a former member of prog-rock outfit "Stackridge" who toured with TFF in support of their first three albums. Davis was also a member of "Korgis" along with former Graduate guitarist John Baker. He is probably best known in TFF circles for playing the grand piano on 'The Working Hour' and 'Head Over Heels', as well as the short intro to the Going To California concert 'Women Of Ireland'. He also appeared playing guitar in one of TFF's promotional videos, the first version of 'Mothers Talk' in 1984. Davis was most recently seen playing guitar on Goldfrapp's album Black Cherry (2003). He has released two solo albums of his own: Clevedon Pier (1989) and Artistry (1995).
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4.8 Who is William Gregory?

Will Gregory is the saxophonist best known for his outstanding arrangements on 'The Working Hour' and 'I Believe'. He participated in TFF's 1985 Big Chair tour and is featured in the promotional video for 'I Believe' (Roland yells out his name in the song). Gregory is currently one-half of the British duo "Goldfrapp". He has also done session work in the past for acts such as The Cure, Peter Gabriel, and Portishead.
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4.9 Who is Leonard Apple?

Leonard Apple was apparently an alter ego of Roland's. His major credit is found on the 'I Believe' single, where the reverse of the picture sleeve features the cryptic phrase "Leonard Apple was a good boy at school." The single also credits Mr. Apple for the sleeve photography, which is a self-portrait of Roland in a hotel room. Roland mentioned possibly naming his next album "Leonard Apple's UnGodly Hour" during his 1995 AOL chat session, but now doesn't seem to remember doing so.
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4.10 Who or what is "Mancrab"?

Mancrab was a side project that Roland and Ian Stanley collaborated on in 1986. They wrote and produced one song called 'Fish For Life', which was released as a single and featured on the Karate Kid Part 2 soundtrack. The song featured a lead vocalist named Eddie Thomas (credited as Eddie Jnr. on the single sleeve) who previously had his fifteen minutes of fame as one of the dancers in the 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' video. According to Ian Stanley, the name "Mancrab" is supposed to represent a sort of melding of humans and technology. At least that's what the press release says. The single was released on the United Artists label, but it did not chart on either side of the Atlantic and has been largely forgotten.
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4.11 Who is the woman vocalist featured prominently on The Seeds Of Love?

That would be Oleta Adams, a formerly unknown lounge singer who Roland and Curt "discovered" in the bar of a Kansas City hotel while on the Big Chair tour. They had to pay $1.50 to get into the bar because she was singing that night. Roland and Curt were amazed at her talent and how, according to Curt, it didn't make sense that here we were at number one in America and there is Oleta who is a phenomenal talent just singing in a bar. After recording for The Seeds Of Love hit a snag, the boys went off in search of Adams for the purposes of "authenticating their soul." They found her, and asked her to sing on the album and perform with TFF on the subsequent tour. Roland would go on to produce her debut album Circle Of One in 1990. Oleta has since released four more proper albums - Evolution (1993), Movin' On (1995), Come Walk With Me (1997), and All The Love (2001) - and one compilation - The Very Best Of Oleta Adams (1998). She also appeared in a duet with Roland on the 1995 TFF track 'Me And My Big Ideas'. Click here to visit Oleta's official website.
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4.12 Is the Phil Collins credited on 'Woman In Chains' who I think he is?

Well, I can't speak for who you think he is, but the Phil Collins that drummed on the album's opening track is indeed the same former member of Genesis, solo star, and enemy of South Park fans around the globe. According to Curt in a 'Rock Over London' interview, he and Roland always talked about how 'Woman In Chains' needed Phil Collins drums, and when they asked him to do it, he said yes. Curt asked him if he should book a few weeks in a particular studio and Phil said “what do we need two weeks for, let’s do it in one afternoon." Phil came in during the late morning, and they were done for tea!
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4.13 Who is Nicky Holland?

Nicky Holland was Roland's primary songwriting partner for much of the material on the Seeds Of Love album. She initially became acquainted with Roland and Curt when her band "The Escape" supported TFF on the Hurting tour. After this band broke up, Holland was offered the opportunity to tour with TFF as a keyboardist in support of the Big Chair album. Her first recorded contribution came on TFF's cover of 'Sea Song'; Holland played piano on and helped write the arrangement for the song. She would go on to co-write five of the eight songs on The Seeds Of Love as well as play piano and sing on the album. Nicky Holland has released two solo albums - Nicky Holland (1991) and Sense And Sensuality (1997).
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4.14 Who is Neil Taylor?

Neil Taylor is another guy that has a long history of association with TFF. He first appeared in the pre-TFF act "Neon" as a guitarist, and was replaced by Roland when he left the band in 1981. Taylor is probably most famous in TFF circles for his one-take guitar solo on 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World'. He also played on much of the Seeds Of Love album and appeared on the subsequent tour. Aside from his work with TFF, Taylor has worked with a multitude of artists as a session musician, including Tina Turner and Kylie Minogue. He also played on Curt's 1993 solo album Soul On Board. Neil is best known today as Robbie Williams' session and tour guitarist.
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4.15 Who is Alan Griffiths?

Alan was originally a replacement guitarist on the Big Chair tour (and former member of "The Escape") who became Roland's writing and production partner after Curt left the duo. Although Griffiths co-wrote all but four songs on the Elemental and RATKOS albums, he was never officially credited as a "member" of TFF. Most recently, Alan assisted with the production of Roland's solo effort Tomcats Screaming Outside (2001) and also did some work on Seal's latest release Seal IV (2003).
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4.16 Is the John Baker credited on Elemental the same that was in Graduate?

Yes. Roland and John remained friends over the years, and as a result Baker provided backing vocals on 'Cold' and 'Break It Down Again.' John currently fronts "The Blue Meanies" and was at one time a member of British band "The Korgis". This is not the same John Baker that was a founding member of "The Charlatans UK."
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4.17 Who is Gail Ann Dorsey?

Gail Ann Dorsey is a session bass player who first appeared with TFF on 1993's Elemental tour. She played on the RATKOS album and was featured in promotional videos for 'Break It Down Again' and 'Goodnight Song'. Dorsey has released three solo albums - The Corporate World (1989), Rude Blue (1992), and I Used To Be (2004). She is currently acting as David Bowie's regular bassist. In addition to TFF and Bowie, Gail has done session work with a number of artists including Joan Baez, Michael Hutchence, and Concrete Blonde. Click here to visit Gail's official website.
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4.18 Who is Nick D'Virgilio?

Nick D'Virgilio is best known as the drummer for prog-rock outfit "Spock's Beard." He drummed for TFF on the RATKOS and Happy Ending tours and played drums on Roland's solo album Tomcats Screaming Outside. D'Virgilio released a solo album of his own - Karma (2001) - under the name "NDV". Click here to visit Nick's official website.
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4.19 Who is Emiliana Torrini?

Emiliana Torrini is a half-Icelandic, half-Italian singer/songwriter whose first internationally released album - Love In The Time Of Science (2000) - was produced by Roland in his "Neptune's Kitchen" studio. She does not have a direct connection with the Tears For Fears name, although two of the songs on her debut were penned by Roland and Alan Griffiths. Emiliana had recorded two prior albums, but these were released only in Iceland and are very rare: they have apparently sold for $100+ a piece on eBay. She also had the honor of recording the vocal for 'Gollum's Song' featured in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and her video for the song is available on the film's DVD release. In the Tomcats Screaming Outside EPK, there is a nice quote from Roland about how Torrini "rejuvenated" him, and how some of her influences can be heard on the Tomcats album. Click here to visit Emiliana's official website..
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4.20 Who is Charlton Pettus?

Charlton Pettus has been Curt's close friend and songwriting partner for some years now. Pettus co-produced the Mayfield album with Curt, and also played guitar on the album. He is currently working with Roland and Curt as a producer and touring member of TFF. Pettus has also done production work for other artists, such as Marry Me Jane, Taylor Dayne, and most recently Hilary Duff!
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