3.1 Tell me about Roland's solo work. 3.3 Tell me about Curt's solo work.
3.2 Has Roland done any session work for other artists? 3.4 Has Curt done any session work for other artists?

3.1 Tell me about Roland's solo work.

Roland has released one official solo album - Tomcats Screaming Outside (2001) - and two singles, 'Low Life' and 'For The Love Of Cain'. Of course, Roland was essentially a solo artist throught the entire decade of the 1990's, but all of his releases from that period had the Tears For Fears name on them.
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3.2 Has Roland done any session work for other artists?

Yes. In addition to producing Oleta Adams and Emiliana Torrini, Roland has twice appeared on another artist's album. He played guitar and provided backing vocals on the Ric Ocasek single 'Emotion In Motion' (1986) and also played guitar on the Colourfield tracks 'Running Away' and 'Confession' (1987).
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3.3 Tell me about Curt's solo work.

Curt released his first solo album - Soul On Board - in 1993 to lackluster reviews and worse sales figures. The album is a collection of sugar sweet, middle-of-the-road pop that doesn't take any chances (except on the rap-laden track 'Come The Revolution', which fails miserably). The album was not released in the USA, and for good reason: Curt can't stand it to this day. He claims it was merely a tool used to get out of his recording contract. After spending a couple years away from music, Curt re-emerged with a new band in New York City. They called themselves "Mayfield" (after the sickeningly cute play-on-words "Curt is Mayfield") and did some gigging around in clubs before putting together a demo tape of ten new songs. In 1997, these ten songs comprised Mayfield's self-titled debut release, issued on Curt's own Zerodisc Records label. At some point, Curt decided that all future albums would be released under the "Curt Smith" name to limit confusion among vendors. The first of these, the Aeroplane EP, followed in 2000. Curt has finished work on his forthcoming solo album Halfway, Pleased but will wait until the current TFF circus dies down before he releases it. The demos for this album can be heard at Curt's official site.
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3.4 Has Curt done any session work for other artists?

According to Jon Ettinger, Curt was brought in to play bass on The Jesus & Mary Chain's debut album Psychocandy, but things didn't work out. He has since donated his talents to a couple of charity singles. One of these was 'Sailing' by the supergroup calling themselves "Rock Against Repatriation". The single was released in early 1990 and was a cover version of the old Rod Stewart song. This was a benefit to call attention to the Vietnamese boat people living in refugee camps in Hong Kong.
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