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Documents up to date as of August 6th, 2005.

Discographies *right-click and choose "Save target as..." to download.

Tears For Fears Discography (515 KB) documents detailing every known single, album, video, radioshow,
Curt Smith Discography (86 KB) bootleg, and oddball item released worldwide
Roland Orzabal Discography (63 KB)
Graduate Discography (94 KB) (discographies presented in MS Word 2000 using the Lazlo Nibble format)
Informational Documents *right-click and choose "Save target as..." to download.

Tears For Fears FAQ (224 KB) frequently asked questions (MS Word 2000)
Tears For Fears Song List (36 KB) a complete list of TFF songs and all of their versions / remixes (MS Excel)
Banners *right-click and choose "Save picture as..." to download.

animated banners coming eventually!

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