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The following is a brief overview of each section of the site.

The Band
Currently home to the Tears For Fears FAQ. Coming eventually will be a multimedia Historical Timeline of the band as well as a Touring Lineups page.

The Discographies
Interactive discographies and videographies for Tears For Fears, Curt Smith, Roland Orzabal, and Graduate. Confused about how to see and hear the interactive content within? This page should explain it for you. The discographies are constantly being updated as new items turn up. Coming soon will be additions to the compilations section detailing more of the recent hits and remix compilations released by Universal, additional information pages for some of the more unique items in the TFF catalog, and scans of dozens of acetates and testpressings. "What the hell is an acetate" you ask? Clicky!

The Songs
Full lyrics and assorted tidbits of information for every officially released TFF, Graduate, and solo song. Information for each song includes the track time, writing credits, the vocalist, the release the song was originally found on, other releases containing the song, and other versions of the song, as well as some quotes from Roland & Curt and commentaries by yours truly. The lyrics are mostly accurate, but some are incomplete or misheard. If you can help make corrections or additions, please don't hesitate to inform me. Please note that the information pages open in pop-up windows. If you have pop-up blocking software enabled, you may have to disable it or set its preferences to allow pop-ups from

Listen to full clips of rare songs, live concerts, and interviews. All clips are in RealAudio® format and require installation of the RealPlayer. If you do not have this software, you can download a free copy at the Real website. Please note that does not feature clips of songs that are still available for purchase on the market. If you would like to buy Tears For Fears or related albums that are still in circulation, has an outstanding selection. Also note that is not in the business of distributing mp3 or other downloadable music files. Please do not ask, as I do not have any available.

Full streaming clips for a selection of rare Tears For Fears & related promo videos. Coming soon will be clips from TV appearances and live shows. All clips are in RealVideo® format. For further information on TFF promo videos, visit the video section of the Discographies. Please note that all video streams have been designed for a high-speed broadband audience. From personal experience, it is almost painful to watch streaming video designed for a 56k dial-up connection. I tried to maintain video quality as best I could, and this was the compromise I had to make.

Image Gallery
Scans of every unique picture sleeve Tears For Fears and related have released. This is quite obviously an impossible task, but we're getting there. Coming eventually will be an extensive photo gallery featuring new and rare promotional and live photos of the band. The picture sleeves section will also be constantly updated as new items are discovered. For even more images of records, compact discs, and similar picture sleeves, visit the Discographies.

For the moment, select reviews of Tears For Fears albums, singles, and live performances from published music critics. This site will eventually be home to a massive collection of full text articles, interviews, and reviews spanning TFF's 20+ year career.

Also In Development
Plans are also in the works for a few other specialty sections here at These include:

  ·gigography of all live shows
  ·collector's corner
  ·polling booth

So stay tuned!

Site Credits:

I'd like to express my eternal thanks to everyone who helped make this site happen. Many people donated their time in assisting me with fact checking, release information, media, testing, and general moral support. They are, in no particular order:

Brian Wenner, Scott Fay, Chris Hammond, Heather Burns, Sharon & Brian, Philippe Ritzen, Carmen Ramos, Chris MacAdams, Tom O'Neill, Chris Nichols, Piotr Guja, Darren Hull, Craig Smolen, Peter Sigmund, Justin Grimm, Susanne Wiese, Tom Frieder, Robert Cabuto, Jordan Brock, Jonathan Stoltz, Jonathan Samarro, Audrey Morris, John Lee, Tashia Stone, Dobbin, Bob Kershaw, Lisa Holguin, Jim Bragg, Ferenec, George (omega), Chimpy, Sylvie Etesse, Orsu Capuzzi, Michel Lanners, Clarence Massey, Gordon Queen, Gabrielle Fine, Phil Goglin, Dan Big Plume, Randy Ayers, Ana Morgado Carrera, Miguel 'Bongbishop' Carino, Mike Hogan, Timothy Mina, Kevin Fiedler, Matt Cameron, Margaret Gage, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

An extra special thank you to the following:

Danny May, for starting this whole thing 13 years ago with the first TFF Discography
Travis Sonsalla, for bearing the torch through the dark years of the late 1990's
Christian Zieske, for revitalizing the discography with a wealth of new information
Heather Burns, for exceedingly generous amounts of moral support
Jon Ettinger, for listening to me talk about for the past 8 years
Mike Vysocka, for coming through with the initial home for this site

And last but certainly not least...

Simon Thornton, whose old site inspired me to undertake this project all those years ago

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If you take things without asking permission first, I will find you.

I hope you take almost as much enjoyment from this site as I had creating it.

Memories may fade, but Tears For Fears lives on.


This site is dedicated to the eternal memory of Chris Hummel. You will never be forgotten my friend.

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