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Everybody Loves A Happy Ending is the majestic new album from Tears For Fears.
The record was released in the United States on September 14 and features twelve stunning new songs from the recently reunited Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith.
A European/UK release followed on March 7, 2005.

The sound of the record hearkens back to the Beatlesque overtones of Roland & Curt's last joint LP, The Seeds Of Love. If 'Sowing The Seeds Of Love' was an unabashed John Lennon tribute, much of this album exhibits the influence of Paul McCartney.

Because McCartney is, of course, the new Lennon.

"When you have an album called 'Everybody Loves a Happy Ending,' you're just asking for McCartney to walk into the room and start playing some sort of music on the piano."
 -Roland Orzabal
Tracklisting            (click notepad for lyrics)
Everybody Loves A Happy Ending
Closest Thing To Heaven
Call Me Mellow
Size Of Sorrow
Who Killed Tangerine?
Quiet Ones
Who You Are
The Devil
Secret World
Killing With Kindness
Last Days On Earth
Pullin' A Cloud (UK Bonus Track)
Out Of Control (UK Bonus Track)
sophisticated modern pop worth paying attention to (
rich in melody and mood, guitar and piano (Billboard)
as colorful and bursting with creative detail as its cover art (UCSB Nexus)
packed full of thrilling harmonies & catchy melodies (Montreal Gazette)
4/5 stars: a guilty, gleeful indulgence (Uncut Magazine)
4/5 stars: a return to form that many deemed unlikely (All Music Guide)
4/5 stars: an edifying concoction of rapturous bliss (The Music Box)
4/5 stars: a refreshing return (Knoxville News)
3/5 stars: fresher and less strenuous than before (Mojo)
3/5 stars: strangely enjoyable (The Boston College Heights)
4/5 stars: pop music that matters (
4/4 stars: the sort of stuff the world needs more of right now (Buffalo News)
Singles                    (click for discography)
Closest Thing To Heaven Everybody Loves A Happy Ending / Call Me Mellow

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