The Change 'Fishnet' picture sleeve has for many years been known as the holy grail of TFF collecting. It derives its nickname from the net behind Roland & Curt in the sleeve photo. This same design was used for the Mad World USA release and was intended to be used for the Change UK release, but either TFF, Mercury Records, or both changed their minds at the last minute and the sleeve was pulled. Not, however, before a handful of them made their way onto the open market. The common belief among collectors for much of the past 20 years was that only the sleeve itself escaped Mercury headquarters, however copies with an accompanying record have recently turned up. At least one fan was able to buy the 12" version brand new - with accompanying record - as an import in a USA record shop the week it was released in 1983.

The Change 'Fishnet' sleeve is known to exist in three variations:

7" paper sleeve, 7" glossy card sleeve, & 12" glossy card sleeve.
The 12" sleeve is thought to be the rarest of the three.

If you own any variation of this, please don't hesitate to email me with the details.

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(thanks to Craig Smolen for the 12" image)
7" Front Cover
7" Back Cover
7" Record
12" Back Cover

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